The idea

We have been in recruitment for a long time, in senior positions for both large and small companies. We have built, bought and sold new and existing recruitment businesses. We have seen many different Joint Venture models that promise would be recruitment entrepreneurs a great deal, but often deliver little more than if they had been employees.

We believe that there are significant numbers of successful recruiters who are working in recruitment for other people who would like to go it alone and enjoy the full benefit of their hard work. These individuals are confident in their sales ability and are seeking a new challenge, but are deterred by the prospect of raising finance, setting up a company, dealing with bankers, solicitors and accountants. These things can be daunting in their own right, but they also take up valuable time that could be used for generating revenue.

They are right to be cautious. Around 70% of start-ups fail within the first five years, so getting off to a good start is critical.

We can help recruiters get up and running in those crucial first few years by providing a strong mix of initial investment, access to finance, core support services and expert business advice. You can focus on building a profitable business that will deliver a very good lifestyle for you. The business is yours to run on a day to day basis. It can be as big or as small as you want it, and we will support you in achieving your goals.

In return for our investment and support, we expect you either to buy us out (in one or a number of manageable stages) at some point after your first three years of trading. Alternatively we can a retain stake in your business and continue to take our share of the profits your business is generating in line with our shareholding.

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